Kitchen, Bath & Fixture Repairs


Through the years, your tub or shower may have acquired a crack or some scratches. If you aren't in need of a full makeover, Hard Tops of Iowa offers spot repairs for smaller blemishes. We also offer countertop repair and can fix strips, broken and missing edging on countertops, as well as chips and cracks.


Sometimes the unfortunate ding, scratch, or crack occurs in the shipment or installation of your new tubs, sinks, and countertops. We can repair what's needed and you'll never know it was ever there. Hard Tops of Iowa offers factory-authorized warranties for repairing your hardtop fixtures. Call today at 712-262-0292!

Contractors, plumbers, and electricians continue to call Eric Weeks with Hard Tops of Iowa in Spencer, IA for jobs that are all "banged up." Sometimes your light fixtures just can't hide during on-site construction and remodeling. We can help you with any fixture repairs needed. When you need to cover up a big oops, call Hard Tops of Iowa!