Your Iowa Refinishing Partner


Hard Tops started nationally in 1991. But, Hard Tops of Iowa opened its operation in August 2005. Hard Tops of Iowa is located in Spencer, IA. Additionally, we travel up to a 150-mile radius of Spencer. This allows us to cover and serve Northwest Iowa and Southwest Minnesota. From bathtubs and showers to tile and toilets and so much more, call Hard Tops of Iowa at 712-262-0292 for all your refinishing needs.


The amount of money you will save by refinishing is the #1 reason you should consider it. You will save approximately 50% by refinishing kitchen counters or bath vanities rather than replacing them. The total cost of replacing a bathtub can be upwards of $2,000. In contrast, the cost of refinishing is under $500 on average. If the only thing you'd like to change about your counters or kitchen appliances is the color, that can be changed in one short day with refinishing. Bathtubs that are stained or hard to clean will look virtually new after refinishing. Ultimately meaning, no more scrubbing!